Driving in the rain? Here’s what you should do.

Did you know that rain causes 46% of all weather-related car accidents? Strong winds and heavy rain severely impacts your driving experience. For example, the water on your windscreen makes it harder to see, and rain can form puddles that increase the risk of hydroplaning.

All drivers should be careful and pay more attention to the road while driving in the rain, even when even driving SUVs in Malaysia with traction control. Here are some things to do when driving in the rain:

Slow down

When it rains, the pavement gets wet. This road condition makes it harder to control your vehicle as the tires lose traction. Slowing down reduces your chance of hydroplaning, especially immediately after it rains, as rain combines with the grease and engine oil build-up on the roads.

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Turn on your lights

Not only does turning on your headlights help you see the road when it’s gloomy or foggy, but it also makes you visible to other drivers. Use your lights if you must, even in broad daylight.

Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you

Do not stay too close to the vehicles in front of you, as the spray caused by their tyres may disturb your vision. You should at least have two to three seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. You may want to add an extra second when it rains.

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Do not use cruise control

Cruise controls can reduce your attentiveness when driving. It can also accelerate your car when it hydroplanes, which is dangerous.

Do not drive through puddles and moving water

Avoid driving through puddles if you’re unsure about their depths, as it may cause damage to your car. If you can’t see the ground beneath moving waters, do not drive through it. It may sweep you away.

Grip the steering wheel with both hands

Strong winds cause unsteadiness and driving in the rain requires all your attention, and that means putting down your phone or any object in your hand.


Driving in the rain puts you on plenty of risks, which is why it is important to drive safely on the road. Following these tips will reduce the chances of you and the drivers around you getting into an accident.

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