• Your Trusted Mobile Internet Provider in Malaysia: Digi

    As many as a few people make an attempt to deny it, it is complicated to live without the internet, as we make use of them to connect and then make our everyday life better. Without a strong and stable 4g speed connection, things will likely to be not easy to work with, whether it’s something personal or business. Where can we have an excellent mobile phone network provider?

    Discover More About Digi’s

    Since its inception in 1995, Digi has turned into a great contender to Celcom and Maxis just for the fact that they always seems to be the earliest brand to keep launching internet packages and mobile plans with greater value at lower cost. So, let us take a look into what Digi has up their sleeves presently.

    Prepaid Plans

    If you’re searching around to have a mobile prepaid plan, it is highly recommended that you really try Digi out. As there is no commitment, why don’t you give their prepaid plan a trial and experience very fast mobile data with the 4G LTE network, plus 1000 minutes value of free call time to Some of your Buddyz?

    4g speed

    Postpaid Plans

    On the flip side, some who prefers a steady commitment can opt to subscribe Digi’s postpaid plan. As users can request to switch network easily, they are able to choose an assortment of plans, for instance the RM50 pack that gives 10GB of internet data, or Digi Postpaid Family pack that practically offers unlimited internet data.

    Apple Phones

    However the perfect plan could only be enjoyed if you have an awesome smartphone to choose. With Digi, it’s also possible to elect to buy smartphones for example the iPhone 8 for a low price. You could also pick the Easy Payment Plan that matches your plan for absolutely no deposit, however, this is determined by eligibility.

    Android Phones

    If you like an Android smartphone better, well Digi has the right plan for you also! With a few hip smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, possibly even Oppo waiting for you, Digi intentions to provide you with what you need. Another advantage worth noting here is that these smartphones come with a discounted price.

    Broadband Plans

    Sometimes, we may have a relatively different kind of need that broadband is a bit more relevant. Do not worry, when it comes to Digi, you can find a great deal of broadband internet plan to select from that is designed for you. If you’d prefer online streaming, go for Digi’s Broadband 100 plan that delivers 100GB of data.

    IDD Calls & Roaming

    It does not end there. As a lot of people in addition has the desire to contact other folks overseas for both personal & commercial reasons, they might save the most with Digi as this company delivers free international calling or IDD depending on the plan. For travelers, they are going to experience the low-cost roaming.

    Lastly, Digi is really a good mobile phone network provider given that they own an outstanding support service crew. If you ever require every assistance, you can easily visit the website or call the consumer support careline at 106 2211 180 to get any matter concerning your subscription plan sorted. Subscribe now at

  • Why You Need the MyDigi App

    Digi has at least 11 million users in Malaysia and if you’re one of them like me, then you must get yourself the MyDigi app.

    What is the MyDigi app?

    It is the mobile app that allows Digi users to easily manage their account. It recently got a new makeover and works smoother than before. This app aims to make managing Digi accounts for a more seamless experience for users.

    What are the features?

    There are many tasks that tMyDigi app can do. Here are some of the features in the app that will provide a better experience for the customers.

    • Check internet balance, call and SMS quotas

    The MyDigi app keeps track of all information on your internet usage and quotas. With just a click, you can see how much quota you used so you’ll know when to perform an internet top up.
    • Check the bill of your phone plan and pay them

    There are many ways to pay bills and using the MyDigi app is one of them. You can view the bill of your subscription plan and pay it with just a click! You’ll also get an extra 10% free credits on in-app reloads.

    • MyDigi Rewards

    As a MyDigi app user, you can get exclusive rewards from your favourite brands. The rewards are curated just for you so you’re only missing out if you don’t download the app.
    • Customer service

    Need any help with Digi? The MyDigi app also comes with customer support so you can get help on-the-go. Just start by sending a message to us on the app.


    Why make it a hassle to manage your Digi account when you can get everything done on your phone? There’s no need to drop by a physical store or use a computer when you can just download the app.

    Apple Store:

    Google Play Store:

  • “Advanced Technology With Mitsubishi Electric How Mitsubishi Electric Enhance the Quality men and women Life

    The technology is at the cutting-edge where lots of high quality products have been manufactured. Like for example, electrical and electronic products. Our life come to be more easier and functional simply because these products appear to have been exposed to the globe. One of the best electrical and electronic products manufacturer is Mitsubishi Electric.

    Mitsubishi Malaysia

    Malaysia is one of the most strategic location in ASEAN, this makes Mitsubishi Electric to invest and make factory in Malaysia in 1989. With variant items like air conditioner, variable refrigerant flow, and air curtains. This makes Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia probably the most successive brand since the items covered for personal and enterprise solutions.

    Global Recognition

    The air conditioner is one of several highlights products from Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia. They offer you with the best air conditioning given that the product quality is perfect and it is environmental friendly. Their air cond has received the globe greatest recognition from Guiness World Record given that the longest running cross-flow-fan air conditioner brand.

    Safety first

    Besides that, they also offered building systems including lift, escalator, and elevator. Safety is an important element for this particular kind of products. Making use of their innovative engineering and advanced technological development, there’re able to ensure the reliability, durability, and safety of the products.

    air conditioner

    Quality Standard

    An automation system is always the principal topic in factory given that it helps you to gain a great work flow which improve the quality of outcomes and minimise the amount of defects. Mitsuibishi Electric have a great factory automation system, for instance, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), inverter, and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

    Electric Appliances

    A comfy home living is most likely the ambition to all of people thus people make their home as convenient as possible. You can examine on Mitsubishi Electric for home products if you would like get electrical appliance like electri fans, refrigerators and freezers that will make your whole life more comfort and quality.

    Secure & Comfortable

    Align with corporate mission, their aim would be to ensure a sustainable global environment, an excellent, secure, and comfortable lifestyles while fulfill customer needs. Produce a low carbon city, a recycling-based society, and respect biodiversity is the pillars along with Environmental Vision 2021. To help with making this happen, they apply their advanced technology.

    Japan’s technologies

    Why is the corporation so advanced in New Technologies? Mainly because Japan, is fully specialise in Research & Development (R&D) and is proeminent into the electronic and robotic industries. Besides it has at their disposal several technology centres that specializes in Industrial design, information technology and more, hence this technology advancement.

    Make your life easier

    As an award-winning company, Mitsubishi Electric always ensure the products could possibly meet consumer’s needs. Through their products, our life become additional easier and comfy which is a undeniable fact that Mitsubishi Electric improve the quality people’s life. For anyone who is sincerely interested in their goods, do visit their site at to get more information.”

  • Digi Malaysia: Internet Data Plan & Much More

    The internet of things continues to be the motive force of today’s economy. Now, the development of telecoms made the modern world a practically more compact place. Through this, you may need a reliable mobile phone network provider who is able to deliver close to your expectancy. Although the question for you is, who happens to be a very good provider you’re able to trust in?

    Find Out More About Digi’s Postpaid, Prepaid, Broadband & Much More

    Digi Malaysia is one of the pioneers in the local marketplace. Most widely known on account of the past campaign “Bersamamu” plus the yellow Digi Man following customers in commercials, Digi brings joy to our lives by upgrading the game that rewards users. They often times have great internet package & other deals to select.

    Prepaid Plan

    Digi’s prepaid plan has become one of the many products to acquire. In order to take them into consideration, their prepaid SIM card is without a doubt very easy to buy. You can just head out to 7 Eleven and find one and make the registration on the counter before enjoying the most from what we believe is the very best prepaid plan in Malaysia.

    Postpaid Plan

    On the flip side, some who prefers a steady commitment can opt to subscribe to Digi’s postpaid plan. As users can request to switch network easily, they are able to choose a selection of packages, including the RM50 pack that provides 10GB of data, or even Digi Postpaid Family pack that practically offers unlimited internet data.


    Getting a great plan and blazing fast 4G LTE internet is nothing without a high-performance device that couples it. We’re talking Apple’s latest smartphones here, like the iPhone 8 or the one before it, iPhone 7. You can easily get your hands on an exciting new smartphone after you sign up for Digi’s postpaid plan.


    But that’s not everything, as Digi knows well that lots of its consumers are also into other Android brands, especially Samsung with their S8 and Note 9. Plus, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei are also available. Moreover interesting, you are able to get certain smartphones free of charge, which includes the Oppo F5, Vivo V5S & a great deal more!

    note 9


    Sometimes, we may have a very different kind of need that broadband is definitely more relevant. Don’t worry, when it comes to Digi, there is broadband internets plan to buy which will be made for you. Should you like online streaming, then go for Digi’s Broadband 100 plan which offers 100GB of web data.

    IDD Plan

    Nevertheless, many of us have a relatively special need to keep in touch with suppliers or families abroad. That’s where Digi’s roaming plus IDD plan comes into the picture. For international calls, Digi supplies the lowest IDD rate to thirty-six countries around the world. Before you enjoy that, dial 133 using the Digi SIM card.

    Last but not least, a brilliant consumer is fully aware of deciding what works well with them. With that said, Digi definitely won’t be becoming popular over Maxis and Celcom if not for the incredible deals they’ve got for the consumers. We hope that this time, we can convince you to definitely consider Digi as the preferred mobile phone network provider. Click here to learn more about Digi

  • Digi: Best Prepaid Plans in Malaysia

    Nowadays, you need to stay connected on your phone all the time so you can catch up with the latest trends, or even just to relax and watch videos on YouTube or chit-chat with your friends and family on Whatsapp. Therefore, you may consume lots of data.


    If you are one of those who needs to constantly stay connected but still worrying about your phone bill, Digi has got you covered. Digi offers the best prepaid plans in Malaysia. They provide a lot of different plans for you to choose from. Digi’s Internet Cili Padi, Super Tererrr, biGBonus, and Kaki Social are prepaid plans tailored to fit the needs of different customers.


    Internet Cili Padi

    Digi Prepaid Users can enjoy high-speed internet anytime from prices as low as RM1. For example, you can purchase the RM2 Internet Cili Padi plan to enjoy 10GB high-speed internet from 7 am to 1 pm.


    Digi also offers Internet Cili Padi App Passes where they allow users to enjoy unlimited internet on some specific apps. For example, you use video-viewing apps a lot like, YouTube and TonTon, you can purchase the Video-Lite pass. With the pass, you can go onto the selected apps for 24 hours for just RM1!  

    best prepaid plan malaysia


    10GB high-speed internet per month? Not enough? Fret not, Digi is offering their users 60GB at RM38 for 30 days!


    Along with the basic high-speed internet, biGBonus gives you extra 60GB for everything and anything for 30 days. Just like the Super Tererrr plans, most of the biGBonus plans have the “Always Active” feature where you do not need to worry that your account got terminated suddenly.


    Super Tererrr

    Are you always on the phone with your friends and family? If yes, then using the Super Tererrr prepaid plan would make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about the high bills anymore.


    Super Tererrr users can enjoy 12 hours of unlimited internet, 24 hours of unlimited calls and different internet speed depending on the plan you pick. For the RM38 and RM58 plan, there is an “Always Active” feature. With this feature, Digi will not terminate your account when your primary account expires. Please also note that Digi will only extend your account for another 30 days.

    Kaki Social

    Are you a social butterfly? Kaki Social is an ultimate internet plan specially designed for you! With the Kaki Social plan, you can keep scrolling your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed endlessly to get the latest update!


    Kaki Social subscribers can enjoy 500MB high-speed internet every day throughout the entire month to access the three social media apps mentioned above. You can also choose to subscribe to the internet and call plans where you can enjoy up to 1000 minutes local calls with just RM38! All the Kaki Social plans have the “Always Active” feature.



    Looking for a prepaid plan to stay connected with friends and family? What are you waiting for? Visit now to learn more about the various prepaid plan!  


  • Put Brands Aside: What Makes a Wonderful Smartphone?

    Many of us can relate, when it is time for a new smartphone, this indicates easier than it really is. Lots of brands and they also all have multiple models, but apart from the fancy color, there are several ideas to take into consideration when you are evaluating the most suitable smartphone. This site offers you with some sound advice that you should consider when shopping for a smartphone.


    Operating System

    The market for smartphones is divided into 2 major realms. On the one hand there is Android Operating System and also on and the second there may be iOS. As Android is open source, it is usually readily customisable and you can personalise your user experience. iOS on the contrary, gives a more intuitive smartphone interface. It’s rather hard to say which is the best android phone, but folks who value a top mobile hardware specs could try their hands on the Android line-up for example Vivo, Oppo, Huawei or Samsung.


    Screen Size

    Nowadays, we use smartphones for more than just making a call. As faster internet access and much better quality of multimedia, we spend considerable time gazing at the screen to watch videos on Netflix or Youtube. This is where bigger screen size are convenient. As an example, smartphones like Vivo V11i have huge screen size you’ll like.


    Display Quality

    Another fundamental feature of a smartphone may be the display quality. Don’t just concentrate on resolution. A 4K screen sounds great, but happens to be unnecessary for the smartphone. Way lower resolutions are fine as most people can’t be conscious of the distinction between 1080p and 2K resolution on smartphones, forgetting about 4K. What’s more important is to always check out the colour quality as well as the brightness of the display, since this really influences the user experience.


    Camera Performance

    The initial rule about camera performance may be to forget about the megapixels. Instead, you will need to concentrate on other specifications including the aperture as well as other special features. Some phones, like Vivo V11i, offers the best smartphone camera with dual lens that may possibly create stunning images. These are the sorts of features you want to get you a really perfect selfie.


    Storage Capacity

    Now, better camera performance typically means 2 things. First, you’re going to have a lot of photos and videos. Second, you will definitely need to have a big storage space with this. So, make sure that you consider smartphones with at least 32GB of storage, for if not, you need to clean up your storage with greater frequency.


    Battery Capacity

    For a lot of, the most important feature on the smartphone certainly is the battery capacity. Nobody would prefer to charge their phones twice a day or bring a transportable charger constantly. If battery capacity is vital for your requirements, try to find smartphones with more than 3,000 mAh. Depending upon how much you probably make use of your smartphone, 3,000 mAh should get you throughout the day.


    Extra Features

    Sometimes, you will have specific needs also. So, you really should look for extra features which will help in making phone usage far more convenient. For instance, manufacturers have now introduced wireless charging for convenient, fingerprint scanner for security, and plenty of other functions that’s nice to have.

    Vivo V11i | Vivo Malaysia

    When making purchase, make perfectly sure that you’ll never pay much more than you’ll need for a phone. You won’t need to spend a great deal to get yourself a phone fitting your need. While iPhone is actually famous now, there are numerous of other brands on the market that sells great budget smartphone that gives monetary value..

  • Mastering Smartphone Photography with Vivo V9

    Anyone can pick up a smartphone and snap a photo, but to take an incredible shot, you need to be more skillful. Taking amazing shots with a Vivo V9 is actually pretty easy, as long as you know how. In this article, you’ll discover four essential tips that help you to master smartphone photography.


    Let’s get started!



    • Up the resolution


    Most smartphones have a low, medium and high resolution setting. Make sure the camera is set to the highest resolution, otherwise you won’t be able to capture some detail and your photo turn out to be muddy.   



    • Smartphone photography apps


    You may be satisfied with using your phone’s pre-installed camera app, but you may also be missing out on some fantastic features and effects that other downloadable apps offer.


    Camera Zoom FX: This is one of the better camera apps available for Android. It features a number of manual controls for features like ISO, shutter speed, and exposure. There are also filters, HDR mode, various photo modes, and more.


    DSLR Camera: Here, you’ll get manual controls for features including white balance, light metering, ISO, a live histogram, and more.

    Vivo V9


    • Get creative


    Slow motion: With increasing technology in both the phone’s camera and processor, we can now produce slow-motion frame rates similar to those found in a professional DSLR camera.


    Portrait mode: 2018 has been all about ‘Portrait’ photography on a smartphone. By placing the subject centrally in the frame, portrait mode will produce a bokeh effect to the background.



    • Stabilize your phone


    To capture the cleanest image possible from your smartphone, you need to stabilize your phone. Shaky hands cause blurry photos. And in low light situations, your camera tends to slow down the shutter speed to allow more light in, which means it takes longer to take a shot. A setup tripod for the smartphone may be just what you need to take a 4K photo or video footage.


    These tips should help you on your way taking much better photos with your Vivo V9. Haven’t got your Vivo V9 yet? Get yours now at!