5 Best Thing To Do When Visiting Desaru

Desaru which located in Johor – southern Malaysia, famous for its beautiful beaches. And it said Desaru is among the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia.

Perhaps many not know there are lots of interesting places you can visit and do activities with family and friends other than the popular beaches. Let us share the interesting places in Desaru that you can visit during school holidays or on the weekend.


1. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa is located near Desaru Beach. The resort is famous for its water theme park that is perfect for your entire family. Among the attractions in the Lotus Desaru water theme park are water playground suitable for both children and adult, lazy river where you can relax on a float while drifting along the river and also relaxing gazebo.

2. Desaru Fruit Farm Agro Tourism

For those who live in the city, if you reach Desaru, this is a place of interest in Desaru which you must visit. It’s time for you and your kids to feel the experience of entering the orchard and recognizing the fruits, pick out some fruit and see for themselves more closely the types of trees and taste the deliciousness of the fruit straight from the fields. There are over 100 different types of trees and vegetables kept here. Besides seeing the tropical trees here, Desaru Fruit Farm Agro Tourism also has many other attractions such as paintball field, go-kart circuit and mini zoo that houses goats, serifs, turkeys and ostriches.

3. Bujang Firefly Penawar

Do you want to see fireflies? Nowadays, it’s hard to see fireflies or fires. But in the firefly mangrove, you can feel the beautiful scenery down the Lebam river with beauty at night. Excited to see the beautiful fireflies decorate the trees, people say it as the natural light. We guarantee the fee you paid to see these fireflies is definitely worth it. RM20 for an adult, RM15 for children under 15, you and your family will surely be amazed by the lights generated by the fireflies.

This place is also known for its floating restaurant that offers fresh, savoury seafood for your family to have a meal before heading back to the hotel or home.

4. Wetland Sedili

Have you ever seen “Belangkas”? At Wetlands Sedili, located in Kampung Belukar Durian, here you can see the fish that are hard to find anywhere else. You and your children have the opportunity to look at the “Belangkas” closely. Also, you can walk on a wooden jetty looking at the rich mangrove swamps of various flora and fauna such as monkeys, various species of birds and fish. In addition, there is also a seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood at reasonable prices. If you want to buy souvenirs as memories, you can also buy handicrafts from snails and seals available for sale here.

5. Desaru Beach

Desaru Beach is one of the best beaches in Johor. This beautiful beach in the barracks with 25 kilometres Ru tree beautifies around the beach. Here you can enjoy activities such as parasailing, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking trails and other outdoor activities that are fun.

At Desaru Beach there are also many resorts if you are eager to spend the night here. Can choose a resort at a price that fits your budget. A little pricey girl or a holiday in luxury resort such as Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Kota Heritage and even backpackers chalet.

In a word

All in all, Desaru is a fun and fascinating place to visit. It’s best for family and friends trip or perhaps solo voyager. Here are each unequivocally recommended spots to remain, visit and nourishment to devour.