When Should You Change Your Psoriasis Treatment?

Psoriasis is a tricky autoimmune disease to tackle. There is no perfect medication for psoriasis, and each patient has different methods of dealing with the disease. That is why it is not surprising for psoriasis patients when they change treatments. Sometimes, the medication may not work for them anymore.

Switching treatment for psoriasis is common, and in many cases, it improves the skin condition of the patient. So, what are the signs that you should change your psoriasis medication?

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Losing its efficiency

After using a type of medication for a long time, there’s a possibility of patients developing resistance to them. When the treatment loses its effectiveness, the symptoms of psoriasis may appear or get worse.

There’s no telling when resistance starts to develop as it varies from patient to patient, but you may need to change your way of treatment when it happens.

Unwanted side effects

There are all kinds of medication and treatments for psoriasis, as well as side effects that come along with them.

For example, methotrexate may not be suitable for heavy drinkers as has a heavy toll on the liver and requires a lot of monitoring. Meanwhile, patients who have or at risk of melanoma might not choose light therapy.

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Unsatisfied with a treatment

Even though a type of medication or treatment may work for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re unhappy about it. Medical experts stated that many patients don’t follow or skip prescriptions because they are unsatisfied with the treatment plan.

For example, it may be best for patients who are uncomfortable with needles to switch to medications that come in pill form.

However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t ignore your doctor’s advice. Always discuss with your doctor and find the best treatment plan together.

Treatment is over budget

There’s no shame when you can’t afford your psoriasis medication. Sometimes, changes in insurance plans may require a patient to go for a cheaper option before trying another method of treatment.

Let your doctor know if you can’t follow a plan due to budget so both of you can work it out.


These days, there are many options for psoriasis patients to deal with the disease. You shouldn’t feel forced to stick to a particular treatment if you don’t think it’s suitable for you.

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