What to Do After An Interview No Show

After filtering countless resumes on Jobstreet Singapore and finalising the ideal candidates, you set up the last stages of interviews in hopes to finally fill in the job position. You prepared a list of questions, and you waited in the meeting room for the candidate to arrive. But he doesn’t.

Candidates failing to show up to an interview is one of the most frustrating things a recruiter can experience. Your first reaction might be to send an angry e-mail to the candidate, but you should refrain yourself from making irreversible actions.

So, what should you do in case an interview fails to turn up to a meeting? Make sure to follow these steps:

Stay calm

It’s understandable to get frustrated, but avoid calling contacts to demand an explanation or sending an email to lecture them. If you lash out your anger on them, chances are the candidate is not going to take it well and start a boycott against your company. You could also lose a potential candidate.

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Be understanding

There are many other reasons why a candidate couldn’t show up besides ghosting. There could be an emergency or an unforeseen incident that caused them not to make it. Cut these candidates some slack and give them a day or two to approach you and explain the situation. If they are genuinely sorry about the no show, you can decide if they deserve a second chance.

Follow up with the candidates

Regardless if you want to hire the candidate or not, it’s worth reaching out the applicant to find out what happened. After all, it’s unusual for someone not to turn up after passing multiple hiring stages. Send a polite rejection if you decided not to hire, or send an email to ask if they’re still interested in the role.

Prevent it from happening again

Recruiters blame candidates for not showing up, but it might not always be their fault. Job applications may have had a terrible candidate experience during the hiring process or feel like they weren’t respected.

Here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid an interview with no show: 

  • be clear about the candidate’s motivation early on
  • propose better scheduling option
  • communicate well


No matter what reason it is a candidate couldn’t show up, you shouldn’t let it affect your hiring process negatively.

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