The pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on the economy. As people stay home and practice social distancing, many may be facing a financial squeeze due to pay cuts and reduced economic activities. If you can’t increase your pay, slashing some unnecessary expenses can help you reduce your financial burden. Here are a few tips to help you cut back on everyday expenses and wade through these cash-strapped times.

Shop smart
As we spend more time at home, our needs change, and our lifestyles evolve, it’s time to re-evaluate our spending habits.

Shop smart. Online shopping is a good way to shop safely from your home’s comfort and a great way to compare prices among different sellers. You can also purchase shopping coupons which will help you save some money — a little saving goes a long way.

Separate needs from wants according to the current situation and keep spending to a minimum. That new pair of shoes you need for gym sessions? Since we spend most of our time at home, it is now a ‘want’ instead of a ‘need’. With more time at home and the appeal of online shopping, it might be tempting to go on a retail therapy — don’t be lured! Pick up a new hobby or two that does not require spending money or be creative with the things you have at home.


Cut the food delivery, prepare meals from home
Groceries cost much less than food deliveries and eating out; one of the most common ways to reduce expenses is to prepare your own meals. You might ask, what if I have not enough time and energy to prepare meals? Fret not, simple and easy recipes are aplenty on the internet.

From budget meals to meals under 30-minutes, find a wide variety of recipes online that suits your time and budget. Some popular food recipes websites include Tasty and Maggi Recipes, complete with videos and ingredient measurements to ensure even the most inexperienced ‘chef’ can make a full meal! Besides that, shopping for groceries ensures that you get the freshest ingredients at affordable prices.

Cooking at home lets, you enjoy nutritious meals at lower costs while giving your health and wellbeing a boost — you can consider cutting your gym membership to save costs while you are at it!

Reduce expenses on phone plans
As we spend more time at home to reduce our exposure to Covid-19, our internet usage increases, and so do our phone bills; why not consider switching to a prepaid phone plan to save money?

Many people believe that prepaid phone plans do not value money because it is not a ‘proper’ phone plan compared to a postpaid plan. redONE Prepaid Plan solves your woes about prepaid plans, with high-speed internet data, free calls, and bundled value-added services — all for only RM30 per month! The plan offers 1GB of 4G LTE and 10GB of high-speed internet every month, unlimited free calls among redONE prepaid numbers and affordable rates for SMS and MMS. Unlike postpaid plans, redONE Prepaid Starter Pack has no contract, extra charges or service fees like prepaid plans do, helping you save cost and keep better track of your expenses.

No more credit? Reload on the redONE Prepaid mobile app or through our website, a safe method to reduce your exposure to the pandemic without needing to visit convenience stores or redONE partner outlets.

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