RHB Bank to Expand Growth Within South East Asia

RHB is today one of the largest banks with integrated financial services in Malaysia. As they plan to further widen their market, RHB Bank has tapped into Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and a few other countries in the South East Asia region. Realizing that quite possibly the most productive way to compete is by giving extra value to customers, RHB group has started offering multiple banking facilities to both individuals and corporations.

RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Related Solutions

Deposit Account & Internet Banking

Having a savings account as well as a current account has been stapled yet underrated. In order to make sure that account holders could benefit the most from their savings, RHB Bank has offered a more competitive interest rate compared to other financial institutions. Furthermore, they’ve already improved the transaction facilities by both adding more ATM and CDM machines in branches and various designated locations combined with creating a web-based banking services platform, RHB Now for their customers.

Credit Card

RHB Bank knows that more people make purchases online in comparison with using cash nowadays. Primarily based on the data collected, it is discovered that more web users opt to make purchases through the use of credit cards. For this reason, the Bank causes it to be a high priority to serve the potential consumers better by offering credit card services with exceptional rewards. Smart customers who compare credit cards cautiously know that RHB’s interest rate is one of the lowest.

Knowing there is an urgent need to minimize the supply and demand gap, the Bank took an extra step forward to offer value-added credit card scheme that gives cashback as well as some other benefits the account holder can enjoy when they use it to make purchases.


However, the Bank is aware that consumer banking surpasses credit cards and savings. In the present day, the majority be reliant upon loans to purchase assets, nonetheless getting a loan approval could be a very difficult process. So, RHB Bank had created a flexible program for the public with a minimal interest rate for a lot of different kinds of loans. Also, personal financial investment, unit trust, and also insurance services are also available.


For small business owners and organizational entities, RHB Bank is providing corporate banking facilities. They may engage with the Bank either for investment banking or even to make a business loan. In the event the consumers are interested, they can even sign up for RHB Bank’s online cash management services.

Small-medium enterprises are amongst those who are going to take advantage of the most benefits. They’re welcomed to get loans should capital injection is important as they scale their businesses. Not only that, RHB Bank even provides retails solutions to the relevant customers, particularly people in the e-commerce business.

Islamic Banking

Despite, the bank has not lost attention to Syariah-compliant financial instruments. This is certainly typically due to high demand by the customer in Malaysia. Bearing that in mind, banking facilities that adhere to the minimum Syariah requirement which include Islamic treasury, Islamic corporate banking, unit trust, and wealth management services are increasingly being introduced.

islamic banking

In 2016, the Bank was able to expand the growth of their annual brand value by 24%, which automatically causes them to be the 4th fastest growing banking industry player in Malaysia. While they anticipate the upcoming year’s financial market potential, RHB Bank has begun strategizing to set-up more generative campaigns down the road. Get more information now https://www.rhbgroup.com/products-and-services/personal/islamic/financing