Ready Set Run: Sprint away with PUMA in your perfectly chosen shoes

Even Cinderella likes her shoes fit, so why can’t we? It may seem a little complicated, but the right running shoes can make a huge difference to your look. Here are some tips for selecting the best running shoes for women.


Prioritise Comfort
We agree that the most important factor in determining if a pair of running shoes are good for you is comfort. Whether you are heel striker, midfoot or forefoot, the shoes you choose are meant to prevent any injury risks. Here we have PUMA’s Emergence Women’s Running Shoes with a bootie construction which makes taking off your shoe easy. Most importantly the full-length sculpted EVA midsole holds your foot perfectly making it easy for you to run without any constructions.

One size doesn’t fit all
When it comes to figuring out shoe sizes, do you just look for the number on the sole? Because of differences in foot shapes, the shape of the top, and the manner the shoe is put together, sizes vary. Every time you want to buy shoes, have your feet measured and always try them on for fit. However, Most PUMA running shoes for women have SoftFoam+ sock liners to provide comfort. The one you should be aware of is the size, and how it feels on your feet when you run.

Aim for the best
A good pair of shoes is one that serves all your needs. Make a checklist of your aims and goals. Is it speed? Is it long-distance? Pay attention to the cushioning for long-distance like the Eternity NITRO Women’s Running Shoes or lightweight shoes like SPEED Sutamina 2 Women’s Running Shoes when choosing. It is best to have a specific pair for a specific reason than to risk yourself for injury. After all, we get ourselves some running shoes to be healthier right?

Own a Pair
While having any of these shoes won’t guarantee to make you run like an Olympian, it will enhance your stability, grip, and comfort levels. If you are serious about your running gig, head over to or stop by any PUMA Malaysia store and get the right running shoes for women.