Distance makes the heart grow fonder — with technology doing wonders!

Being in a long-distance relationship is an exciting journey full of travels and adventures in various places; the sheer anticipation of finally meeting up after a long time is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Under the new norm of social distancing and home confinement, it can be an exhausting process with no end in sight.

What are some common long-distance relationship killers? Lack of communication and trust, lack of physical closeness, diverging expectations … the list goes on. If you face these ‘red flags’ in your relationship under the new norms — don’t worry; technology is your saviour! With the common usage of modern-day technologies and various communication and entertainment apps, there are endless ways to keep your relationship fun. 

Rekindle the spark, often communicate and know your significant other better with the help of technology. Here are some date ideas and activities for long-distance couples out there to try out — virtually.


Constant Communication is Key

Sharing moments side-by-side and constant communication is the foundation of a strong relationship because it fosters understanding. If physical closeness is not possible during these times, ensure that both of you communicate frequently. Show them you care with minor efforts by calling them or sending messages to talk about your day or interesting happenings around you. Keep them updated about your wellbeing and whereabouts through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many more. Give your partner adequate emotional security and constant reassurance — a form of encouragement for when the going gets tough. 

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Virtual cafe dates

If you are a social media junkie, you’ve probably come across home cafe videos of people making aesthetically-appealing drinks and beautifully-plated desserts against a backdrop of slow music and a warm atmosphere that resembles the ambient chill of a cafe. If you miss going out on coffee dates with your partner, why not recreate this experience at home? Search simple recipes for desserts and drinks on YouTube, share it with each other to have an online baking session, then have a video call to enjoy your delectable creations together. 

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Netflix and Chill — virtually

Watching movies are classic online date activities that most long-distance couples do, especially with restrictive travel measures in place, virtual entertainment provides the excitement and opportunity of seeing the world. With video streaming services like Netflix, Astro GO or Viu, you can have cinema dates from the comfort of your home (minus the queue for cinema tickets!).

Relax and unwind on weekends by streaming movies and watching them together. Pick comedy films for when you need a laugh, or pick thrillers and horror movies if both of you are all about the adrenaline rush. Playing online games is also a good idea for an exciting and challenging ‘date’; crack your heads together to solve a puzzle or a quiz — two heads are better than one. 

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Create surprises to keep the spark

If you are a person who expresses feelings better through actions than words, here are some ideas to show your love. Online shopping, sending a surprise handmade gift now and then, or even something as simple as exchanging letters and photos — the personal touch is bound to melt the heart of your significant other. With small businesses mushrooming all over social media platforms, you can also support them through these hard times by purchasing their products to gift your partner.

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