Digi: Best Prepaid Plans in Malaysia

Nowadays, you need to stay connected on your phone all the time so you can catch up with the latest trends, or even just to relax and watch videos on YouTube or chit-chat with your friends and family on Whatsapp. Therefore, you may consume lots of data.


If you are one of those who needs to constantly stay connected but still worrying about your phone bill, Digi has got you covered. Digi offers the best prepaid plans in Malaysia. They provide a lot of different plans for you to choose from. Digi’s Internet Cili Padi, Super Tererrr, biGBonus, and Kaki Social are prepaid plans tailored to fit the needs of different customers.


Internet Cili Padi

Digi Prepaid Users can enjoy high-speed internet anytime from prices as low as RM1. For example, you can purchase the RM2 Internet Cili Padi plan to enjoy 10GB high-speed internet from 7 am to 1 pm.


Digi also offers Internet Cili Padi App Passes where they allow users to enjoy unlimited internet on some specific apps. For example, you use video-viewing apps a lot like, YouTube and TonTon, you can purchase the Video-Lite pass. With the pass, you can go onto the selected apps for 24 hours for just RM1!  

best prepaid plan malaysia


10GB high-speed internet per month? Not enough? Fret not, Digi is offering their users 60GB at RM38 for 30 days!


Along with the basic high-speed internet, biGBonus gives you extra 60GB for everything and anything for 30 days. Just like the Super Tererrr plans, most of the biGBonus plans have the “Always Active” feature where you do not need to worry that your account got terminated suddenly.


Super Tererrr

Are you always on the phone with your friends and family? If yes, then using the Super Tererrr prepaid plan would make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about the high bills anymore.


Super Tererrr users can enjoy 12 hours of unlimited internet, 24 hours of unlimited calls and different internet speed depending on the plan you pick. For the RM38 and RM58 plan, there is an “Always Active” feature. With this feature, Digi will not terminate your account when your primary account expires. Please also note that Digi will only extend your account for another 30 days.

Kaki Social

Are you a social butterfly? Kaki Social is an ultimate internet plan specially designed for you! With the Kaki Social plan, you can keep scrolling your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed endlessly to get the latest update!


Kaki Social subscribers can enjoy 500MB high-speed internet every day throughout the entire month to access the three social media apps mentioned above. You can also choose to subscribe to the internet and call plans where you can enjoy up to 1000 minutes local calls with just RM38! All the Kaki Social plans have the “Always Active” feature.



Looking for a prepaid plan to stay connected with friends and family? What are you waiting for? Visit https://new.digi.com.my/prepaid-plans now to learn more about the various prepaid plan!