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Working Space Solutions for Solopreneurs in KL & Selangor

Operating in an office building environment might be mundane and boring. In recent years, the buzz of coworking spaces emerged to challenge the way you start thinking about working environments. Many people are favoring the freedom and ability of a shared space, especially digital nomads like entrepreneurs and freelancers. Unlike work from home, coworking spaces hook you up will like-minded people and will enhance your productivity. In Malaysia, a number of coworking spaces are making their presence known, people are joining in the trend.

There’s no need to any look further for a coworking environment. There are so many co-working offices in Malaysia and around the Klang Valley area. These shared offices are worthwhile for start-up companies or growing business entrepreneurs that like to cut back money or need to have a much better work-life balance.

Perfectly located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is a coworking environment established by a group of people who believe an impressive working space plays a crucial role in a person’s career. Their purpose is to always enhance the standard of what a working setting really needs to be and increase the level of working life. Apart from the main office in KL, Colony wants to open another branch within the New Golden Triangle and various locations later on.

Common Ground

Besides a proper workstation including a private office or a hotdesk, you will not be disappointed by the facilities and services provided at the coworking spaces by Colony. A fitness center in addition to a swimming pool area is available if you should believe that workouts. Have a rest from work by booking an arrangement for a massage or nap room. Coffee is normally available at Colony’s front lounge. There is also an event space you’re able to rent for any forms of the occasion. Virtual offices are also open for ambitious entrepreneurs. Everything you need is set in this co-working space you have always wanted.

Uplifting creativity and innovation would be the fundamental beliefs for Common Ground as being a coworking space. It is situated in the hubs of Malaysia and Singapore. Although they are expanding fairly quickly in various locations in main towns, the initial objective of its establishment still remains the same.

Common Ground is definitely a virtual office that assigns an excellent service too. You will be able to get to the community through CG App, join business masterclasses, workshops and devote more time to along with members to get a cup of coffee within the space. This doesn’t must be you and your laptop or computer alone, you are able to interact with your desk buddies and network throughout every week events they have. Besides, with extremely fast internet, snazzy and modern unique spaces and free refreshments, it’s hard to say no.

Another listed is Worq. Space, situated in Damansara. Offering all needs in a workspace, Worq. Space endeavor to be a one-stop productive space for their customers. Their goal is as simple as developing a productive community and helping them cultivate in several ways.

Worq. Space has all the features in which a customer ever wanted. Whether it’s their choice of hotdesk, shared, or private office in KL that a customer chooses, a wide range of services may still be enjoyed across the office. Cozy spots, bottomless food, and gym are to name the few, there are a lot more benefits that Worq. Space intentions to keep a smile on the customer’s face.

Will the idea of working in a coworking space sound interesting in your direction? Should you decide to make a change to your working style, visit, or to find out more about working in a shared environment.