• Shaves2U Review – Now Malaysia Can Subscribe Razor Online!

    I spent my entire Sunday bumming at home surfing the net, and this ad got my attention. It was a shaving brand called Shaves2U and they were promoting their shave plan. So here is my post for this weekend on Shaves2U review.

    YO! I’ve always wished we had that kind of subscription service in Malaysia coz I’m too lazy to go drive and find parking when I wanna stock up every time. I click lah. Have to find out what the hype is all about rite. It directed me to the main page of their website.

    And the first thing I saw was “start your shave plan for just RM6.50”… sounds scammy. But I got nothing to lose until I put my card on the line so I just investigate lor. So I read many posts on Shaves2U review and most of it sound confidence to me. I click the “get started” button and went to the next page and wow, just wanna say I wasn’t expecting this level of customisation.

    Shaves2U homepage

    Main page

    Blade selection | Shaves2U Choose your frequent delivery Shaves2U

    Customisation page

    Anyway, I’m hairy for a Chinese guy so I selected the 6 blade cartridge, every 4 months, with the shave cream. These thick beard needs shave cream, or my face will burn.

    I hit “review order” and I see the summary of my order. Shipping is free? Nice touch, nice touch. And it does say quite prominently “charges 14 days after you received the trial kit”. OK what. I feel informed and I know what I’m getting into, that my card will be charged after 14 days. It’s similar to Netflix. A lot of big companies do this auto-subscription thing after the trial period, but I think as long as they notify you upfront, there shouldn’t be a problem (I did some research on Shaves2U and a lot of people seem so pissed off on social media, but I think they probably didn’t read the terms and conditions properly).

    I was still sceptical at this point, but I was willing to burn RM6.50 to experiment. I put my card down and confirmed the order. If I changed my mind, I could cancel before 14 days and not get charged. If it’s true though, the value is amazing. RM6.50 for a handle, a blade cartridge, and a shave cream. They have more to lose than me <laughing emoji>

    So, my trial kit arrived a week later. Check out my amateur unboxing video:

    Their blades worked great for me. I mean, I don’t know what makes a great blade, but it does the job. Plus, it’s a 6 blade. Gillette doesn’t even have that. 14 days is almost up. Guess who’s NOT cancelling?!

    Premium handle and shave cream | Shaves2U

    Well, that sums up my review of Shaves2U. I recommend giving them a try. No harm! After you read this Shaves2U review why dont you spend a moment to visit their website at