• AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Plan

    Since 1953, AIG happens to be operating in Malaysia by providing premier insurance & risk management products and solutions for corporations and persons. After far more than Sixty years in operation with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia was always consistently delivering quality products and solutions to consumers. This is certainly all possible all on account of the contribution of their very own massive network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

    AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Services Offers

    AIG holds on to the thought that insurance and financial protection against is extremely important in working with the uncertain future. Hence, they’ve already made a wide range of risk management plan that fits both private individuals’ and businesses needs.

    For private men and women, owning high-valued assets most notably cars and homes without insurance policy coverage is a concern. To stress on its importance, perhaps even the Authorities makes insurance subscription mandatory in being sure that its citizens together with their businesses have ample protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are many different insurers to select from, AIG is one of the most reliable car insurance & home insurance providers in the country.

    Nevertheless, their remains to be the primary aspect each of us should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates the public for the significance of a medical insurance protection, it can be pleasing in order to witness a stable increase in a number of related insurance purchase from year to year due to their tireless effort.

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    The domestic businesses’ expansion to foreign markets combined with the budget-friendly transportation tends to make frequent travel a new convention. This has led to the increasing interest in insurance to ensure individuals while making either domestic and foreign trips. To match the needs, AIG Malaysia has offered insurance coverage with complete coverage for the customers.

    For corporate entities, AIG has a flexible risk management solutions that will assist them to protect their business from unforeseen losses. They are simply at liberty to sign up for any good insurance, for example, the property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance affiliated with financial lines, or perhaps group employee benefits insurance in their employees’ medical & health benefit with AIG.

    Together with the great diversity of scheme available, AIG learns how to provide a quality plan to customers from different industries, which can include companies in the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, combined with media & technology sector. In addition to that, since they begin to see the rise of SMEs while in the domestic market, AIG crafted a distinctive package that could protect these growing enterprises from all different kinds of risks while they expand.

    Should businesses and folks become interested to know a little more about the services offered in order to make the subscription, they are able to just contact AIG Malaysia and request for a quote via the website. Customers who prefer to get an in-person meeting might also find agents’ information on the website and request for a meeting.

    Recently, AIG Malaysia has moved the extra mile to embrace e-commerce as they definitely make their insurance subscription on Lazada Malaysia. This is going to ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they are able to manage to get their insurance activated within just 72 hrs, and is also deemed as a sensible approach to reaching out to the target audience electronically. Visit the website to learn more now

  • Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

    Since 1953, AIG has actually been operating in Malaysia by providing a top-notch insurance & risk management solutions to corporations and individuals. After far more than Sixty years operating with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia was consistently delivering quality service to customers. This is all made possible aided by the contribution of their very own significant network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

    AIG knows well that in dealing with the uncertain future, there’s nothing more encouraging than having proper insurance available. So, they’ve offered different packages that might be proven to compliment both companies’ as well as individuals’ needs.

    Comprehensive Insurance Products and services by AIG Malaysia

    For private individuals, owning high-valued assets for example cars and houses without insurance policies is a concern. To emphasize on its importance, even the Lawmakers made insurance subscription mandatory in making certain its citizens in addition to their businesses have ample protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are several insurers in the marketplace, AIG is regarded as the most trusted car insurance & house insurance providers in the country.

    Nevertheless, their own health is still the primary aspect everybody should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates consumers on the significance of medical insurance policies, it can be pleasing in order to witness a stable improvement in degrees of health-related insurance purchase per year due to their tireless effort.

    International investment and lowest transportation cost have recently made frequent travel for business and leisure more economical. For that reason, the necessity for travel insurance has increased substantially, which brought to the offering by AIG in satisfying their customer’s needs to obtain a comprehensive protection plan.

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    Within the needs of businesses in risk management, an intricate plan’s to choose from. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, as well as group employee benefits insurance. Corporations can definitely protect their businesses more effectively considering the flexible plan that can be tailored to their actual needs.

    AIG realizes well that corporate clients in manufacturing, education, banks, import & export, construction, or perhaps aviation market has different insurance plans expectations; and it is critically the sole intent being providing such higher level of flexibility. On top of that, it even pays attention to require smaller scale businesses and will help them by giving SME Package to entitled for companies.

    Should businesses and private persons become interested to find out much more about the services offered in order to make the subscription, they’re able to just contact AIG Malaysia and request for a quote via an internet site. Customers who like to have in-person meeting may be able to find agents’ information through the website and request for your meeting.

    AIG Malaysia may be very attentive to the shifting trend of purchase that focuses more on e-commerce. Having said that, they’ve got recently worked with Lazada Malaysia in making insurance purchase easily obtainable in the e-commerce platform. Upon purchase and after going through several quick steps in registration, customers could possibly have their protection plan activated in under three days. Click here to learn more:

  • Important Questions to Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

    When it comes to driving, choosing the right car insurance company is very crucial. Sometimes, it’s easier to buy what your family or friends use or the insurance company that is more well-known as it appears on the TV commercials most frequently. However, that’s not the best idea.


    With so many different insurance companies providing their services at widely different rates and types of coverage, buying car insurance can be very complicated. Not every insurance company provides the same offers. What’s more, not all insurance agent will let you know what you need to make an informed decision.


    That’s why shopping around is the key to getting a good deal, with the right balance between coverage and rates. Here are three important questions you need to ask when you buy your car insurance.

    1. What kind of car insurance do I need?

    There are many types of insurance available:

    • Collision. Collision insurance covers the entire cost of repairs to your car no matter whose fault the accident was. Generally, you’ll pay a set deductible before the insurance company pays the remaining amount.
    • Comprehensive. Comprehensive insurance covers things that are from non-crash incidents, such as theft, natural disaster, fire and vandalism.
    • Personal injury protection. Personal injury insurance covers the cost of medical and loss expenses to you and your passengers if someone hits you. It will also cover the medical bills if you’re injured while riding in someone else’s car.

    1. Who’s covered to drive my car?

    This is a question many people will overlook. You need to consider what will happen if your 18-year-old child, who’s learning to drive, has a crash? Will your insurance company cover? What if a friend borrows your car and involves in an accident? Will your insurance pay?


    Every insurance company handle these accidents differently, so make sure you have the proper coverage so you don’t end up with tons of confusion.


    1. What happens if I make a claim?  

    Getting involved in a car accident is stressful, even when no one is injured. You don’t want to put yourself in a position to be even more stressed out. For example, you’re caught in an accident on a Saturday night, but your insurance company doesn’t open for business during weekends.


    Nowadays, many insurance companies provide 24/7 services, both by the toll-free number and online, so make sure you choose the company that does so.

    car insurance


    A great way to start is by working with your insurance agent to help you identify what’s the best coverage for you and your car. If you are searching for a car insurance company that provides you 24/7 services, visit now!