5 Tips To Easily Make Friends in A New Workplace

Starting a new job can be very tiring, you will start managing a new priority, a new workload and a new boss that will also bring a new impression to you. It’s really important to have a friend at work whether you are in a fixed office, coworking space or outside the offices.

When you have picked a new job in the hope that you can mingle with your colleagues, but in the busy work every times, who still think it all especially when you working in a coworking space?

coworking space

To make it easy for you, here are 5 tips and easy ways to make friends that can help you to do the right thing with a new co-worker without much effort! Yes, that’s as simple as that:

Introduce Yourself

First of all, be sure to introduce yourself to everyone you find. Take the opportunity to mingle with a colleague at the rooms or pantry, before the meeting starts or even at the lift. Try starting a conversation by asking what they like in the office or what they do during the weekends or any casual questions. This will make others feel comfortable to talk with you and emulate your positive attitude. Positive attitude will make it easy for you to be approached by others.

Learn to Remember Their Name

When communicating, try to use name call because it will sound very good as you remember the name of your colleague. There will be a positive impression from the start to yourself. And by saying ‘hi’ or ‘good morning’ with a co-worker sitting next to you every day is a very easy thing to be friendly. When you get in touch with anyone anywhere, try to smile and reprimand them, and if you have never met them, introduce yourself. This is an easy way to make friends with those who still do not know you.

Eat Far from Your Own Desk

This is an easy way for you to meet and communicate with people who are not from your team. It will make more people aware of your presence than you just sit at your own table. This is also the best reason for you to take a break from thinking about work and to keep you productive. Also, you can try asking a small group of colleagues (if you are not sure how to start with, you can start with a team that you always communicate during work) whether they are interested or not to eat or drink after office hours around the office. With a relaxed environment, it lets you talk about other things that have nothing to do with work.

Join in Company Activities

If you are a lucky person to have the opportunity to work in a strong company, they always have their own association. Even a coworking space also provided some community activities. It’s recommended that you join the group coincide with your interests or if you are not interested, just show yourself and try to join because of the intentions to get acquainted with other colleagues.

Be Yourself

Nonetheless, be yourself. Honestly, it becomes useless if you get acquainted with a new friend but they do not know your true self. Being a newbie in the workplace is a bit daunting, but you will not regret if you are trying to maintain a good relationship with your co-workers, with the very amount of time you spend in the office actually affects your work.


Regardless of what is your role in the company, you need friend especially in the office. Don’t make yourself isolated from your office colleague by having bad first impression. Mingle around and make yourself more approachable to have better office experience and environment.