• 5 Ways Recruiters Find Candidates

    An excellent recruiter doesn’t rely on one method to find candidates; they have multiple sources to search for candidates to fill in job positions in the company. Thanks to the internet, recruiters now can look for job applicants in other places than traditional advertisements or a job agency in Malaysia.

    Online recruitment sites

    Career sites on the internet have simplified the way we recruit candidates. It’s faster and more efficient than traditional ads, and it doesn’t cost as much either. Recruitment sites like Jobstreet Malaysia also have a broader reach for candidates across the country.

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    Networking events

    While online methods are easier to find candidates, that doesn’t mean face-to-face networking is entirely irrelevant. Job fairs, conferences, meet-ups are great places to make connections with candidates and impress them with your knowledge in the industry. After these events, follow up with the contacts you made as they may come in handy in the future.

    Employee referrals

    It’s also possible to recruit candidates internally without using recruitment sites or attending events. Asking your employees for recommendations is also an excellent method as the candidates tend to be strong and reliable. Make sure to give money incentives to your employees for their suggestions!

    Social media

    Facebook and Instagram aren’t only social media sites to keep up with friends and family; they’re also platforms to get in touch with potential candidates. If you have a strong presence on social media, you gain more followers and increase your pool to source candidates.

    Search within your existing pool of candidates

    If all else fails, looking into your existing pool of candidates is also a method of finding applicants. Comb through your list of job seekers and see if there’s any that fit the job description. If there is, contact them and set up an interview.


    To find the best candidates, a recruiter must look from various sources, whether it’s internally or through online methods. With more sources, you increase your chances of recruiting high-quality candidates.

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